Monday, April 9, 2012

Meet the Characters

Here is Dude-Le, got that? It's not dude, or doodle, it's Dude-Le! This wacky guy is a member of the Bro's Alliance! Out of all the Bro's, Dude-Le is the most rebellious for sure. When asked about this all he said was "Man I'm about to leave if you don't start asking some more interesting questions" One of the questions... what's your favorite book? "Hhhhaaahahahahaha! book?" OK what about favorite game? "Dodge ball in the living room" When you think of good time you think of what? "Dodge ball in the living room" What is the biggest problem the world is facing today? "What am I? A dictionary? I don't know every thing!" To learn more about Dude-Le check out the bro's first comic

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